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Mindfulness Dissolves Thoughts — Attention is What’s Left Over (5 mins)

Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how mindfulness can help to pop our excessive thoughts like soap bubbles. As we begin to see that out thoughts are like weather patterns — fleeting and impersonal — we can observe what’s going on in our mind and, as we do so, our attention increases as we gain refreshing clarity of thought and awareness.


Why Mindfulness is the New Superpower (3 mins)

ABC News anchor and author, Dan Harris, explores how we can examine our thoughts and feelings that arise in any given situation in a way that allows us to respond wisely, rather than react in a manner that leads us to lose our composure.


Why Are We All So Anxious? (5 mins)

Feeling anxious or stressed is something we all experience, and these feelings are perhaps intensified by the fact we can often hide them so well and pretend that everything’s fine. Anxiety and stress are part of our existence, and so instead of trying to convince ourselves that we can rid ourselves of them by going on that holiday, or finding the perfect romance, we would do much better to accept that such feelings arise from time to time. It’s by suppressing them that they increase in strength; by being accepting and gentle towards ourselves, we find that uncomfortable emotions begin to lose their potency.


Ellen Langer: Mindfulness over matter (22 mins)

What is 1+1? Two, right? According to Ellen Langer — professor of psychology at Harvard University — not always. In this highly engaging talk, she takes a look at how, for much of our time, our minds are working on autopilot. Professor Langer suggests most of our suffering — psychological and physical — is the direct or indirect effect of mindlessness, and she talks through the value of mindfulness and how it bring our life much more into focus.


The Fly & Samurai (3 mins)

In this short animation, the fly and the Samurai offer a valuable lesson that encourages us to reflect on how we tend to interact with our reality, and how being mindful enables us to come away from our usual thought patterns and responses.


The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion

In an effort to create high levels of self esteem, the levels of narcissistic tendencies — and discontentment — have risen as we all compete with each other to assert ourselves as being above-average. In this talk, Dr. Kristin Neff explains the concept of self-compassion and how it can offer a healthier and realistic view that enables us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

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